This is Only Just the Beginning

Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

Progress on our goals makes us feel happier and more satisfied with life.

Three months ago I started running. I included it as a part of my daily workout routine. The first weeks wasn’t easy.

Everything is hard before it's easy.-Goethe

You need to adapt to your new routine. Difficulties and challenges will come your way and you have to deal with it.

At first, I could only run for 2 minutes at a time. I did the 2-minute walk/run interval. Then I gradually increased my time interval until I could run 3k straight. I remember feeling so proud of myself when I am being able to run 3k without stopping.

Now that I can run 3k, my next goal is to run 5k non-stop.

Even though running felt hard and uncomfortable, I felt happier and satisfied every after ran.

Sometimes the best runs come on days you didn_t feel like running.

But not all my runs were good, there were times that it felt like I don’t want to put on my running gears. There were times that I run slower than my average pace. To motivate myself, I always think about why I started, and how far I got from where I started.

Running has become a part of my life. I always find time for running. Even the busiest day, I will make time for it. Not hitting the road makes my day incomplete.

Running changed my life not just the physical but also the mental aspects in me. I feel better now than I have in years.

I’ve been planning to run my first 5k race this year (2018). I know that I can and I will.


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