Losing Motivation to Run

Photo by Ev on Unsplash
Running isn’t always fun. Sometimes it gets hard especially when your motivation declines.

There are many reasons why your sudden urge to run fade away.

Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash
  1. Too much training – Over-training sometimes leads to stress and exhaustion. When you’re tired, it feels like you don’t want to run again and just take a day off.
  2. Rest days – Of course rest days are important. You must include it to your daily workout routine but you must be cautious. Rest days can be turned to rest weeks or worst, you will rest from running at all.
  3. Bad weather – Too much heat or cold may affect your running performance. You might be having second thoughts to just stay at home instead of running.
  4. Injuries – When you got injured, you will feel depressed that might cause you to lose your motivation in running.

But I do believe that there are much more reasons why you should continue running. You just needed a little motivation to push yourself and start running again.

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

5 Tips to Stay Motivated

  1. Revisit your goals.

Go back to your list of goals, this will remind you about your plans. It will give you purpose and direction and will keep you motivated as well.

  1. Track your progress

Record everything, your time, distance and emotions. You will feel good about yourself when you notice a difference from where you first started.

  1. Just run.

Forget about training and competition. Run, enjoy and have fun. This will help you avoid physical and mental burnout.

  1. Find a running buddy.

Running gets easier and much more fun when you have a companion. It is also a great way to spend time with people close to you or make new friends with other runners.

  1. Schedule your runs.

Make time for your runs. Mark your calendar and find a day where you’re not loaded with your busy schedule.

Motivate yourself, stay on track and everything will be worth it. Just stay positive and avoid negative emotions. Think about the good things running can give you. Keep on running even if you don’t feel like doing it.

Keep going!



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